How to Bet

Our Systems were developed for the Betfair SP WIN Market and to this all our tips are proven to via Racing-Index. Submit the bets, just as they were sent to you.

Important information for System1:

  • To boost your profits, we advise to request minimum Betfair-SP odds of 16
  • Approx. 98% (or 49 out of 50) of the bets are voided (min odds limit). That means, you have to place 50x more bets, than are shown on the Racing-Index results page!

You will receive the tips arround midday, with enough time left to place the bets.
It only takes about 5-10 minutes of your time to place the bet or opt in for automatic betting using a 3rd party software.

We do not advise you on your bankroll, but please be sure to have enough money in your betting account to absorb downswings.

If you want to use the classic staking plan “betting at level stakes” and you have made a deposit into your Betfair account, then you should decide, how much points that equates to. Divide your cash amount by your points and you get your 1 point stake.

Here is an example of how to bet:
You have 2,000 GBP allocated for your betting bankroll and decided, that the betting system would need at least a 200 points cushion to absorb downswings:

2000 : 200 = 10, therefore your 1 point stake equals 10 GBP

So you bet 10 GBP on each tipped horse on the Betfair SP WIN Market and after a successful month with a total net profit of 50 pts, you would have made 500 GBP!

Do not chase your losses! If at the end of the day, the bankroll is lower then at the start, then leave the stake the same, that is why the large points bankroll is installed.

Betting is gambling! Please use only money you could afford to loose.