Bot – Automatic Bet

All Betsender customers can now subscribe to our service in order to receive an unique download-url from us to import our tips as a csv-file into the bot (already in the right format) and use it for automatic betting.

And what is even better: Betsender has the option to set the bot up, to import the file automatically every day at a set time. If you wish, you can leave the bot running 24/7 on your PC or VPS and let it do the work for you.

You can evaluate Betsender during 7 days for free!

In conjunction with this deal, we offer you a specialĀ 7 days subscription “TEST” to check out our tipping service. This special deal is available for our tipping System 2!

Betsender is provided by a 3rd party vendor. All our subscription plans do NOTĀ cover the costs for this software nor do we give technical support for it!

We refer to their website to receive the latest information concerning this software.

To use the bot with our tips on a daily basis, you must subscribe the our plan “FULL”

A quick overwiev on how to set up the bot in order to work with your service and betting recommendations:

We recommend betting at “Back Level Stakes”, which can be selected in the upper right hand side in the section “Staking Plan” (for System1 only accept Betfair-SP odds at a minimum of 22 – this can be set in the lower right hand side in the section “Conditions”).

There is a mimimum stake needed for Betfair-SP, please referr to the Betfair website for more information.

PIC1a We proof all our tips to Betfair-SP. Please open the “settings” window and check the box next to “Take BSP”.

PIC1bClick on “Download Tips” within the “Tools” section on the menu bar and select “CSV file” within the list and insert your unique download-url in the “Username” field.

By clicking on “Download Tips Now” you can immediately import the tips of the day, if time is past the upload time of arround 12 noon (UK time) and you can check the box “Download tips automatically every day at” and set the time to a “safe” time in order to have this process done full automatically.

We recommend a “safe” time of 12.15~12.30 pm UK time, to guarantee the file has been really uploaded to our server, as the bot only imports the file once a day.

All the csv files use the current UK time for the races, so please change the timezone within your Betfair account to UK time in order to find the races.

If you have any further question, then please do not hesitate to contact us via e-Mail